Tsuyoshi Nagaoka – 長岡 津慶 –

Tsuyoshi Nagaoka

1953 Born in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan.
1978 Graduated from Movie Studies of Japan University of Fine Arts
1981-1985 Participated poetry magazine “CYGNUS”
1983 Traveled Italy and France
Present Lives and works in Tokyo

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1983 “New Awakening” watercolor painting Shisensho Gallery, Tokyo
1995-2003 “Destination of Vanishment”
Excuted independently a project of exhibiting and leaving totally
300 paintings in 30 pubic spaces, started by exhibiting 30 paintings on
the outer wall of Takano-dai Station, in the progress of the renewal
construction, Seibu-Ikebukuro Line, Tokyo
1996 “Ubiquitous” Za Galley, Tokyo
1996 “Morphe 96 The Red Age” GALERIE DECO
1999 “Between sky and sea”
An installation of paintings dissolved in to the sea, in Kaihin-koen Park,
Yukinoshita, Sotome-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
2004 “UTAGAKI” (Love Songs) Za Galley, Tokyo,Japan.

Selected Group Exhibitions

1995 Impact Art Festival Kyoto City Museum,Kyoto
1995 ART BY XEROX presents “Jyugemu Exhibiyion”
SCAI the BAth House,Tokyo

1996 “Jyugemu Exhibition” KOYAMA TOMIO Galley, Tokyo
1998 “Jyugemu Exhibition” The Contemporary Art Factory,Tokyo
2008 “Non-stop Exhibition” GALERIA CATARSIS,Spain
2013 “光の末裔” 二人展 長岡津慶 森嶌 澄子 Tokyo, ギャラリーアビアント

Art Fairs

2003 LINART Gent,Belgium
2004 LINART Gent,Belgium
2005 MIART Milano,Italy
2006 MIART Milano,Italy
2006 Shanghai Art Fair,Shanghai,Chaina


Limites edhition 500 copies published by The Heisei Photo Press.
In collaboration with a photograher, Fumimasa Hosokawa,
consising photographs and haiku poetry.